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  • Yoshoku 10 years ago

    Thanks man, I’m doing a website for my group project at uni, I’m making the website side of it and know nothing about dreamweaver D: Hopefully this will help me out!

  • mstoba 10 years ago

    why cant i access your site man? it asks me to input 2 numbers. what are they?

  • thegoldenboy294 10 years ago

    can i use photoshop withs this? or just fireworks? and witch is better of this two?

  • VicLabs 10 years ago

    It would be pretty hilarious if someone started a series of drunk tutorials. “Heersh how you clean yer gun.”

  • mmx327 10 years ago

    thanks man

  • jenlex01 10 years ago

    i tied to download ur video using downloader so i could practice ur tutorial if ever I don’t have net using the .WMV format but it doesn’t really work in any media player?whY?

  • hairplay 10 years ago

    these vids are very helpful! i’m just starting out and trying to make my own art portfolio type site, and it’s really confusing ;-; so basic vids like this i love…

  • sidewaysntraffic 10 years ago

    Thanks dude. Perfect for someone like me who just got this software.

  • impulsive2urge 10 years ago


  • impulsive2urge 10 years ago

    are you drunk? lmao!

  • OHFTutorials 10 years ago

    thanks for the help

  • rangelandrebel 10 years ago

    Thanks for your help. I’m looking forward to viewing your other videos.

  • VceraBolGulas 10 years ago

    Great tutorial dude 😉

  • woofwoofbone 10 years ago

    Can you do a good Kirmit the frog impression?

  • newbornromio 10 years ago

    nice 😀

  • amistybleu 10 years ago

    @patoportnoy jackass

  • amistybleu 10 years ago

    @Tjeggss where is your help site? idiot. his skin color probably doesn’t agree with you either.

  • apathy11303 10 years ago

    Lol… This isnt for entertainment. I guess everyone has their own opinion (but that attitude might bite you if you ever study at a higher institution b/c alot of lecturers arent entertaining. But to each their own. I found this tutorial useful–big ups to the creator of the vid as its helped alot of people including myself.

  • Tjeggss 10 years ago

    many people found it a good tutoral but I click away after 10 seconds because you have a boring voice
    patoportnoy they talk as though some enthusiastic

  • patoportnoy 10 years ago

    hey excelent tutorital..

    tip: can you talk a little more enthusiastic?

  • Siancel 10 years ago

    nice job

  • omgodsword 10 years ago

    thanks for the dreamweaver tutorials man! its gonna help me a LOT on my coursework

  • mrbodysculpture 10 years ago

    you sound drunk.
    come to king st melbounre australia
    get drunk there

  • kullavagen 10 years ago

    Awesome dude watching nr 2 right now:D

  • PsycoHenny 10 years ago

    Camtasia Studio