– Create a working Joomla Template from your Photoshop PSD design in seconds. Joomla is a Content Management System you can use to build fantastic websites with. Now you can build your own theme or skin for that website in Photoshop and install it to your Joomla website without writing any code. Watch this video tutorial to learn how. UPDATE – I added some CSS so that if your Joomla content extends past the end of your template design, scroll bars automatically appear and your template stays in tact. If you don’t like that effect, you can still do the Expanding Theme technique we have in some other videos. EVEN BETTER UPDATE! – I just added a new feature called _frame that makes it super easy for you to design a Joomla (or wordpress or Drupal or HTML design) theme that expands with your content! Check out the video reply I made to this video!

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  • lifeformlifeform 10 years ago


    Does this make validated W3C-templates ? What about Internet Explorer support…?

  • Lykaon01 10 years ago

    Can you give me the dimensions of the layers?

  • airmanjayl 10 years ago


    Thank you so much for this video. :)

  • gregorygroupnet 10 years ago

    I watched and enjoyed the video

  • hawik 10 years ago

    nice…very nice

  • chechenful 10 years ago

    wo-w …… amazing

  • 213Algeria 10 years ago


  • grazzv1 10 years ago

    You are great!

  • omerxnew 10 years ago


  • evikzzz 10 years ago


  • ispaniola 10 years ago

    Could you say “Joomla” again please ๐Ÿ˜›

  • tractions 10 years ago

    Joomla a nighmare? What are you guys talking about? Ever even tried to make a website?

  • shanna1950 10 years ago

    this is about the conversion of the them. But you really don’t show how to start off with all the users and stuff. That would have been really nice.
    Joomla is a nightmare.

  • shanna1950 10 years ago

    oh lord

  • shanna1950 10 years ago

    haha Doomla… I agree

  • bladdan 10 years ago

    doomla? or JOOMLA ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • feeltheshit 10 years ago

    so you people can get free templates?
    i spend my time to creat something new and upload it to your website lol haha and you get it for free and sale it?

    nice lol

  • needtubes121 10 years ago

    hail to u…

  • videofunandwebtools 10 years ago

    Try to find
    “Make a free website builder” on youtube!

    Its great, easy and no html nedded!!

  • effektmedia 10 years ago

    very nice video for building a joomla template!

  • Happen2008 10 years ago

    nathanhahnweb, Why?

  • isis6inc 10 years ago

    Nice video :-)

  • TechTalk2009 10 years ago

    Very very nice ;P

  • wup4ever 10 years ago

    thank you for this!!!

  • nathanhahnweb 10 years ago

    i just wet myself