Check this out in higher res here: In this video we will start with a folder of images and in about 30 minutes construct a very simple 2 column layout using CSS to style our page! We will learn all about using divs, creating CSS rules, targeting divs, creating a background, and so much more! Start learning to harness the raw power of Cascading Style Sheets to create, layout, and style your web pages today! Files for this video are here:

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  • shahidshahrukh 10 years ago

    When you talk about clicking refresh and clicking on new css rule, mine doesn’t come up automatically like you say on 8:10 of the tutorial. What am I doing wrong?

  • Daphne607 10 years ago

    Okay I ran through the process again and this time it did work and it does work with Dreamweaver mx 2004 and Photoshop cs, you just have to change some of the steps! Awesome tutorial!

  • Daphne607 10 years ago

    I thought this tutorial was great but for some reason the rollover affect is not happening? i don’t have Dreamweaver CS3 but I used Dreamweaver mx 2004 and Photopshop CS, will this still work

  • Youvirgle2 10 years ago

    I have CS4 i don’t have the advance selection when creating a new CSS so which one do i choose

  • scraper228 10 years ago

    Whilst i’m still kind of baffled by Dreamweaver at college, this vid has helped me to understand how it operates better. Thanks! :)

  • gunchester2k7 10 years ago

    i wish you was my college teacher you rock defo subscribing to you

  • Emiljus 10 years ago

    in the properties tab at the bottom under the class section (click on the drop down arrow) and then choose “attach style sheet” and locate the style sheet which had it all.

  • Emiljus 10 years ago

    you don’t need to really use a css rule. just go into page properties and change the link properties so that it has a different colour.

  • Twasik4 10 years ago

    it’s text filler, i cannot remember the name of it right now but there’s a website that generates it for you.

  • Twasik4 10 years ago

    explain.. i’ll try to help you.

  • ChrisB201cab 10 years ago

    how do you post adsense or an affiliate link into CSS? Any help would be appreciated
    Thank you

  • GSNTube5 10 years ago


  • VALDIESEL123 10 years ago

    great video… but i couldnt help but be reminded of Charlie Sheen when i heard your voice… lol… Sound just like him…. lol Great video… ive subscribed

  • wais2 10 years ago

    thx dude very useful, you rock

  • Emiljus 10 years ago

    amazing tut. but just a question. why is the text in latin? i just caught a bit of the text and it was like nunc… which translated now something something.

  • missjava4ever 10 years ago

    that was really helpful…thank you very much..I love ur channel & ur website ..u Rock :)

  • respectyourlove 10 years ago

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  • tommytoothpaste 10 years ago

    This is a great tutorial, but i have become stuck. I am using CS3 and whn we create the wrapper, and add the values auto on both left and right of the margin in the box section my site does not align to the the centre it still stays on the left. Please help as i realy need to work this out to progress. Thanks

  • TheMakanp 10 years ago

    thank you for useful

  • SuperEvolutionX 10 years ago

    It is hard to use dreamweaver im downloading a cracked version and i just want to make it and then pay domain and hosting and make money later

  • thesoulnetwork 10 years ago

    Dude, Thanks so much really couldnt get a handle on CSS until watching your video, YOU ROCK! post an email address I wanna make a donation….

  • denloeb 10 years ago


  • Facetramp 10 years ago

    “Extract these guys into my desktop”

    hahaha, i love that sentence! xD

  • nitroester 10 years ago

    Very nice, thank you very much! really useful! Used CS4!

  • Stix4568 10 years ago

    HI if you can help me, that would be great.
    Im trying to make the “Wrapper” and I’ve done everything you said and my screen always looks just like yours but im using CS4, not 3. When I save the css rule called ( ” ) It doesnt appear in the css folder after I save it there… So when i try to open it, it says the file cant be located.
    Please help if you can