Just a quick tutorial showing 3 really good open source programs for web design. They are: Filezilla, Notepad++, Firebug (firefox add on) See all the tutorials at : www.doobeez.com/tutorials

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  • MoeBedard 10 years ago

    Excellent stuff. I myself do tutorials on web design and how beginners can get started on a website. A recent video I did deals with explaining firebug as well as several other free online web design tools. Anyone out there looking for multiple sources on how to get started with basic web design and how to use the tools check out my video Free Web Design Tools. If you find it helpful I’d appreciate feedback and comments.

  • pjayamundo 10 years ago

    Excellent stuff dude You tell it like the user needs to understand it , I found your tutorials real easy to follow. you dont miss anything out and cover the lot. from start to finish. You make life easy for me. look forward to more of your work. Thanks very mucho, You rock.

  • AdrianFoundItFirst 10 years ago

    Excellent tutorials.