Want to see more ? want more? VISIT www.systemdesign.us/blog Advantages of the JOOMLA CMS (demonstrate several capabilities) • User Manager (block users, restrict users, etc.) • Moving Modules o Dynamic Menus • Easy change of looks for the future • Save maintenance time o Ability to edit and manage content (front-end) – Different uses of JOOMLA (include add-ons that are available) • Blogs • News Sites • E-Commerce • Property Management • Photo Galleries • Calendar and Gig Management • The List is Endless





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  • Kelita007 10 years ago

    Thank you so so much!

  • wefixuglyhouses 10 years ago

    Nice job. Thank you.

  • engineerakshay 10 years ago

    gr8 tutorial!

  • xman4445 10 years ago

    so u dont need a saever to do this on

  • danielhay87 10 years ago

    hey nice template wheres it from? is it standard on joomla

  • mazenat 10 years ago

    gt8 job, thx very much :) I appreciate it

  • trappedsoul7 10 years ago

    i didn’t mean to be harsh, so i apologize if i came across that way.
    that being said – it’s actually the other way around: the higher your ranking the more traffic you get, which is quite obvious.
    as for SEO, pageranking is really the most important element in it.
    page ranking depends on the number and quality of external links that lead to your website, not on how many people visit it.

  • sabreharyanto 10 years ago

    you are wrong actually. Thats one of the things that determines it. There are many elements of SEO. Pageranking is one of them. The more people go to your website the higher your ranking is usually. I never said mentioned about SEO anyway. and I wasnt wrong because what I said was right.

  • trappedsoul7 10 years ago

    sorry, but you’re wrong. that’s not how SEO works at all.

  • mozzmanau 10 years ago

    I just started using Worpress which is similar to this and it is Awesome. Its made me want to learn Joomla. And yep your right. It will kill Dreamweaver

  • turbovectorz 10 years ago

    Bad analogy. Actually, in a few industries robots have already replaced the workforce. Advanced Artificial Intelligence will eventually replace software programmers and even hardware developers. AI can create knowledge and useful information.

  • anzwertree 10 years ago

    The future of web development will continue to advance significantly. All these intuitive applications and platforms are created by software developers.

    The easier things get, the more advanced they become, the more maintenance is required. It is unlikely that web developers will ever be replaced by the tools they use.

  • hal12b 10 years ago

    funny. That will never happen. Will robots replace people too?

  • sabreharyanto 10 years ago

    no, search engine listing depends on popularity, the more people go to your website the higher it is.

  • sabreharyanto 10 years ago

    Joomla would eventually kill dreamweaver. Not at this stage, but the idea is to enable any normal user to make dynamic interactive websites. It wouldn’t be long before joomla kills many web programmers.

  • polktn 10 years ago

    You making any more JOOMLA videos morariumario?

  • HDsharp 10 years ago

    does using joomla affect your position on the search engine listings?

  • AvastPirateGirl 10 years ago

    How about for Magazines? i am making a music magazine

  • myfulfilledlife 10 years ago

    Thanks for the vid. I’m a new Joomla junkie and I love it. It creates beautiful sites.

  • darkvista46 10 years ago

    yes, you gayboy it on the internet

  • rgourique 10 years ago

    Great lesson!!! Thank you very much.

  • gurumi26 10 years ago

    Good job. Very helpful.

  • cmiddlet78 10 years ago

    How SEO friendly is Joomla?

  • AcuteAnalogy 10 years ago

    Lotta people dream about building hosting and launching their first website. Those same people aren’t web designers they’re average people who are learning from ground zero. You know the progression for n00bs: first we learn about something called WordPress. Then later we hear about Joomla. What people like me want to know is:
    1) Do we need to know Dreamweaver, HTML or CSS in order to build our first website?
    2) What’s easier for the n00b to learn, WordPress or Joomla?

  • jackies35 10 years ago

    could you use this on a macbook??