Let’s learn how to create a drop shadow that runs along your site, and, if your site expands, expands with it! We will start in Photoshop where we will create a nice little drop shadow graphic and then it’s off to Dreamweaver for some CSS and Div-tacular fun… yep that was certifiably lame, but enjoy the video anyway! Be sure to check out www.tutvid.com Check out the blog @ http

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  • MrNuun 10 years ago

    I Love you O_O <3 You’re so amazing! Really good job. :)

  • Preeemo 10 years ago

    great tutorial

  • gregorygroupnet 10 years ago

    tutvid, Another point to consider.

  • willzurmacht 10 years ago

    Perfect! thank you so much

  • ohgarden 10 years ago

    I always learn so MUCH with the tutvid tutorials! THANK YOU!!! I hope to have my site up soon to share with you what I have learned!

  • ikristher 10 years ago

    thanks men

  • inbornfilms 10 years ago

    when i set left a right margin to auto it dosent change anything it worked once a while ago but not anymore… how do i fix this

  • piccolodick69 10 years ago

    Very useful, thanks a lot man.

  • DaedalusIV 10 years ago

    superb tutorial!

  • double1912 10 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial.But there is only a small problem with it as it leaves a small gap each time dreamweaver repeat the picture.

  • khuram855 10 years ago

    Hello Please help me when you open photoshop and create a new document i can see a dropshadow on photoshop white page like you didn’t have transparent background you have white and dropshadow on it so can i make for my photoshop to get dropshadow

  • momo1tm 10 years ago


  • proverbs271 10 years ago

    DUDE! thankyou very much for this guide! it was so helpfull!

    ty ^^

  • cmtmusik 10 years ago

    Thank you!

    You don’t lose time for speaking, that’s great!

  • pcgod8 10 years ago

    Yes, but you’ll need to save it as a PNG file and delete the background layer leaving a transparent background.

  • eternity899 10 years ago

    hmm since we’re talking efficiency u can simply leave the left most 20 pixels and the right most reducing the size of the shadow greatly since the rest isn’t visible anyway

  • titalminarisa 10 years ago

    Nice work. keep it up. mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com

  • XclusiveMusik 10 years ago

    thanks man rlly good tutorial… but can u also do this shadow effect if u have a gradient background ???

  • michaelandtristan 10 years ago

    what version of dream weaver is that? cs3 or cs4?

  • gatikonice 10 years ago

    Thanks, great stuff.

  • under9stars 10 years ago

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • DrTadych 10 years ago

    Thanks! great job!!

  • akeu08 10 years ago

    as usual, great tut. Very fast but clear explanation for non English native :) Thanks man

  • downe74 10 years ago

    lol it wouldn’t take 10 mins to do it. just to teach it. would only take about 2 minutes if u know what your doing.

  • clocktowerlodger 10 years ago

    Nice tut. But what about the bottom edge of the page?