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  • valiik 10 years ago

    Thanks! :)

  • jconeon 10 years ago

    THANK you for taking the time to do this – it’s a ~ little fast for me as a semi- beginner 😉 but I will play it again and pause and walk my way thru this – FULL of good things to know, to get the text to glow, and glow GOOD!! Looks great! :)

  • L2HACJ 10 years ago

    Hey it’s a tutorial, and for you guys out there complaining that it’s not that good or its “OK” maybe you should stop commenting about your opinion that one one cares about, and make your own tutorial.

  • hotshot2461 10 years ago

    that was aa awesome tut thanks alot man

  • mondoz1 10 years ago

    design me a logog for my business :-)

  • valiik 10 years ago

    what’s that suppose to mean? are you just mumbling out loud whatever is in your head?

  • fizzymojorider 10 years ago

    mexicans own computers now? well atleast they know how to use them.

  • iamarkus 10 years ago

    Dude – the fact that you put this video together is ten times what these other useless pricks will ever do in their lifetime.

    Thanks for posting.

  • valiik 10 years ago

    Thanks BXXIII. I know it’s not the best but it was one of my first video tutorials.

  • BXXIII 10 years ago

    and the twitter bird / other animals would be the simple symbol

  • BXXIII 10 years ago

    And it is web 2.0 but sometimes web 2.0 also refers to a typographic logo accompanied by a simple symbol. Ex: twitter

  • BXXIII 10 years ago

    Lots of people complaining about this one, I think its a very good tutorial for getting the basics of this style down.

    As far as making it look better play around with colors and fonts would make a huge difference.

  • argowen 10 years ago

    Your tutorial is ok! I wouldn’t say its web 2.0 far from it and the main thing that creates a negative is the use of red on the green on a design side this is a very poor decision especially for people with colorblindness.

  • CVisserNL 10 years ago


  • desmaondasmon 10 years ago

    not really a master class here, but thanks for the effort guy

  • hudgehamster 10 years ago

    that isn´t web 2.0 noob

    Guckt euch doch mal meine Tutorials an. Ich habe viele gute Tutorials die man auch downloaden kann.

  • TheatricalMarketer 10 years ago

    Awesome video! You truly are a leader. The content you provide, are the same great techniques that have caused me to achieve massive success, all through free marketing. Keep up the good work, and look forward to future videos…

  • ect301fps 10 years ago

    This must be why they all look the same/ugly.

  • ravmonz 10 years ago

    gud tutorial..

  • XxScHw4RtZxX 10 years ago

    OO you have nice videos you fag.

  • cheryl4eva 10 years ago

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  • hillre2010 10 years ago

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  • BlackvZ23 10 years ago

    yea fuutiee is right so just stfu !

    Good work man 😀

  • fuutiee 10 years ago

    stupid critics shut the fuck up,
    the guy is trying to help.

    nice tutorial

  • valiik 10 years ago

    Alright, i am sorry you didn’t like it. This was my first tutorial. I did it quick so it didn’t turn out as good as it could have if I spent more time on it.