This Joomla! Tutorial will show you the basics of adding menu items and articles to your Joomla! content management system. is my personal blog if you want to learn more about me. For other tutorials, checkout http My personal blog is

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  • robbluther 10 years ago

    It is, but there is a lot more horsepower to Joomla. I use WordPress all the time, but there are times that it just won’t do what I need. If you are building a simple site, I would stick with WP.

  • jonnyhardwick 10 years ago

    Damn this is so hard to used compared to WordPress. WordPress is so much more automated and user friendly.

  • rich05100 10 years ago

    great videos! i’m making a website for a school project and was wonder how students can post their comments can you please help me on that for ex- the category is books for sale- than students can post what they have for sale

  • gretel25 10 years ago

    Perfect video… just perfect!

  • greagen 10 years ago

    hello, wil i lose my template design if i install joomla,beceause i only want to use the joomla content feature,i dont want to lose my template.


  • vintageozarks 10 years ago

    In every Joomla tut I watch I learn some special little thing that is invaluable later on. I was having module and menu trouble and this vid helps. Thank you.

  • veraso1 10 years ago

    Thank you man!
    Will go to part 2, and keep learning…
    Great video.

  • gregorygroupnet 10 years ago

    robbluther, Not just another video.

  • Alphonzen 10 years ago

    good first tutorial btw

  • shanna1950 10 years ago

    you’re zoomed in too much and the constant switching from left to right and up and down is really bad to watch. my head is spinning

  • albeanmagz19 10 years ago

    this is why I love youtube for this exact reason, when I don’t wanna read stuffs in the book just type a topic in the search field and walla!

  • mojojojo06666 10 years ago

    very good video buddy. thanks. will check out the rest. i am currently using joomla

  • Cornfis 10 years ago

    Go to global configuration and change Site Name

  • JohnyFront 10 years ago

    Hi man !
    I want to ask,how did you change your “title tab”
    Where in your video says “paintball pennsylvania…..”

  • robbluther 10 years ago

    I know. This was one of my first tutorials and I was still getting used to the software. I have been posting more at the GeekEpic Channel.

  • TubesMaster 10 years ago


  • Farkeman 10 years ago

    thnx dude for helping to start :)

  • wizbang7777 10 years ago

    I always appreciate it when anyone takes the time and effort to produce a tutorial.

    However, that being said, I have two complaints.
    1) sound was not synchronized very well and
    2) There was entirely too much close up for this demonstration which caused an enormous amount of screen shifting back and forth.
    The material presented was good, my suggestion is to back away so we can see more of the screen and only go in for a closeup when it’s necessary.

  • Realbother77 10 years ago

    did not learn anything. Not to good for me

  • YTMrVulcan 10 years ago

    The sound seems to skip forward at roughly 1:45 and the 5 minute mark.

  • kalpongpongpong 10 years ago

    tutorials on including forum module or component in joomla please. :) oh and calendar also. tnx

  • JaCkper 10 years ago

    Muchas gracias ..
    fue de mucha ayuda…

  • JaxDragon1 10 years ago

    I think there may be some sound lag, but other than that great tutorial

  • panizzle 10 years ago

    thank you very useful.