Norm Douglas shows you step by step how to build a Joomla Template from scratch.




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  • glofalcon 10 years ago

    can’t wait to get to the joomla part in the next tutorials. but I like the ground up approach.

  • stpetersbeerg 10 years ago

    Thanks for teaching me CSS. Where’s the Joomla! Instruction?

  • cyrylski 10 years ago

    Why did you use the solution with 155 margins for #mainbody div and used floats on both #left and #right to keep the on the edges instead of using three independently left-floating divs as column wrappers?

    Does it have any advantage over the simple 3-divs-3-columns solution that I don’t know of? :)

  • StrongbowJava 10 years ago

    ist besser im ggs zu teil 1. etwas genauer und läßt dem zuschauer zeit, sich den Code anzusehen.