Learn how to set up your menu items in Joomla 1.5




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  • MrCheesebear 10 years ago

    @TheHomer121 no , you can go to jail for up to 20 years if you do.

  • TheHomer121 10 years ago

    Will I be able to work with this programs as a web designer?

  • UberTalk 10 years ago

    OMG…this was much better than the Joomla_15_quickstart.pdf Thank you for posting this! We’re not worthy :)

  • voldemortvdk 10 years ago

    :( I have removed the menu-default, and then I don’t how to re-create menu.

    Now, it’s just display the content of categories, menu disappears completely !

    Could anyone please tell me how to re-create the menu !?

    Thank you !

  • liquidplastic62 10 years ago

    Afterburner theme looks very nice – and its free!
    As a wordpress user, i am thinking of switching over to joomla.
    Awesome cms. Well, i guess i can have both.

  • 108Cotrcie 10 years ago

    not if u know how to use utorrent 😀 i got all yoothemes and yootools for free !

  • baskoroindrayana 10 years ago

    it’s a pro theme, we need to pay, sucks…

  • MentalBlue 10 years ago

    i made the same thing and ina the backend the subitems are visible and published but they do not appear in the fronted. What am I doing wrong? :(

  • tzvika770 10 years ago

    thanx a lot

  • reqqingcrew 10 years ago

    Well, I couldn’t see sh1t except in the zoom in parts, which is a shame because you have a great voice for explaining stuff. Nice tute anyway.

  • eternaltrooper 10 years ago

    5/5 great stuff

  • pazure 10 years ago

    I’m now legally blind from trying to focus on what you’re doing on this tiny, tiny, tiny video. Ever seen the Dr. Seuss cartoon where all those little people are screaming “we are here” again and again. I feel their pain.

  • what2search 10 years ago

    thanks for good tutorial

  • ameenatt 10 years ago

    Hi, Did u have to use an extension in order for the submenus to work?