is where you can learn more about this tool and how to get it. Needless to say I think it is beyond amazing and saves you literally weeks of time in trying to develop a UNIQUE Joomla template. Whether you know code or not, this tool and its interface makes quick work of creating one, and one that no other human being has. It also equally makes just as cool wordpress and Drupal templates, but my fav is Joomla so that is what the video is around. You basically use the interface to make whatever template you want, and then you choose the export option which in turn changes which template it makes (ie WordPress, Drupal or Joomla). You zip up the file and all details are taken care of for you. I couldnt recommend it enough!




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  • Dovir 10 years ago

    This tool looks so amazing! Worth the 100 bucks, in my opinion.

  • dushkor 10 years ago

    Thank you so much! I bought this tool thanks to you. You should become Artisteer shareholder 😀

    Thanks again man.

  • QuicSite 10 years ago

    You first must be under the “ideas” tab. On the far right of this tab is an icon that says “export”. Click on the drop down arrow. Of the drop-down options choose “Export Options”. Then within here are fields that you can specify designer and designer’s web address. Not required, but you may also want to click on the “Footnote” option on left of the same drop down box and deselect “Include back-link to Artisteer”. Hope this helps.

  • dushkor 10 years ago

    Can I ask you something, where can I change in Artisteer copyright year and designer? I cant find that option for changing in footer… Thanks

  • Senquell 10 years ago

    thats why i get an XML error ;(

  • shanna1950 10 years ago

    @QuicSite – thanks for the update

  • QuicSite 10 years ago

    Yes, they are tables-less, however they are working on an option for a fluid layout. Their newest version 2.4 came with many more bells and whistles including flash effects in the header! It keeps getting better and better

  • QuicSite 10 years ago

    From what I understand – NO.

  • Senquell 10 years ago

    Does Artisteer works for Joomla 1.0?

  • shanna1950 10 years ago

    @Dojan5 – I added a comment but forgot to make it a reply to you. Here go: “oh…. not full width? that’s strange!! ” – maybe in a next update?

  • shanna1950 10 years ago

    jawdropping and eypopping unbelievable. Almost…. too good to be true…
    I suppose the layouts of the templates it makes is TABLESLESS?
    price as of february 2010: 130$, worth it I gues.

  • SoldadoEntProduction 10 years ago

    nice but expensive for my budget cause i dont work im currently a student.

  • SOULGOODgroup 10 years ago

    This is crazy and looks wonderful!!

  • 2010Nessy 10 years ago

    i love you mate thanks lot (K)

  • VideoMaker3000 10 years ago

    Thanks mate!

  • gregorygroupnet 10 years ago

    I watched and enjoyed the video

  • JumaDot 10 years ago

    Very Big THX to u

  • urbloodismywine 10 years ago

    I Love This Tool Million Thanks for the Sharing….!!

    Gonna Subscribe to the Channel :)…!

  • QuicSite 10 years ago

    Thanks for your questions. Assuming I understand you correctly – no – you would not use this program to create links or links pages. The template is separate from the content and links. It’s just like changing clothes, you can wear many different things, but your underlying structure (ie two arms, legs…) is the same. This task is handled within the backend of Joomla or whatever CMS you are using. This program only deals with the “skin”, template or layout.

  • QuicSite 10 years ago

    There is no need to, and also would be way more difficult. Links are added in the backend of your platform using the WYSIWYG editors included with Joomla and other CMS’s. You would use this interface to make your pages, links, and links within pages, plus adding pics and other media.

  • rich05100 10 years ago

    as well could you use dreamweaver to add your links on your template

  • rich05100 10 years ago

    Nice site quick question im creating my site in php- could I use this program and add me link pages

  • QuicSite 10 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words – it is simple and fun! 😀

  • QuicSite 10 years ago

    You can do this with the background can do this as well (and the icons in the block and article headers) Of course, after the template and pics are rendered, you can always go in and create new images with the same dimensions and upload them to the images folder with the same name as the original file.

  • liquidplastic62 10 years ago

    Is it possible to use custom graphics from photoshop / fireworks for all image areas or is it only the header that can do this?