Joomla tutorial overview of the Open Source Joomla CMS complete with Joomla! PDF guide, Joomla how to, and much more. Find out what menus, modules, templates, positions do, and how you can make an amazing website using Joomla. Start, Learn, Master, is how we approach teaching Joomla! Since the Joomla! tutorial is over 10 minutes we had to cut it in half. Find the other half of our Joomla! Tutorial at: And dont forget our associated PDF guide at:




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  • startlearningsalsa 10 years ago

    Great Joomla Tutorial! Are there more?

  • strikingyoungman 10 years ago

    Love this Joomla Tutorial! Better than many of the others on YouTube!

  • mackraceing 10 years ago

    interesting =)

  • more2click 10 years ago

    Joomla is definately a powerful tool. It’s worth to know something about it too…

  • resolution4 10 years ago

    Nice tut. I hope ur next tutorial base on “how to edit joomla template”.

  • kaizer9090 10 years ago

    I’m just starting to learn Joomla
    great video

  • veraso1 10 years ago

    Thank you! great introduction to Joomla.

  • Karst96 10 years ago

    I’m just starting to learn Joomla in my computer class, and this video really helped me understand it more.

  • Patron28 10 years ago

    awesome video !

  • nicolechen 10 years ago

    i use wordpress.. but yeah i’m learning joomla

  • OfficialPandandaRO 10 years ago

    I’e done what you say to me! :) . I’ve tweet it, 5 stars, rate it, comment, favorite it, lah, blah! :) It’s a very good clip, relly good!

  • 022PHIL 10 years ago

    Joomla Rulez!

  • dartcyprien 10 years ago

    i like the open sourge

  • joelin66 10 years ago

    great ones

  • 7p19i 10 years ago

    cool… :)

  • xMandalorex 10 years ago

    awesome video !

  • meanmachinezzz 10 years ago

    Very professional thanks.
    More on Youtube please!

  • IncrediguyPro 10 years ago

    Awesome video! a really nice video for starting joomla! keep up the good work mate!

  • zahnyx 10 years ago

    Yes, GhostWarriorTheGeek, it’s an open source program wich is as easy to use as a word processing application and has lots of free plugins available that let us set up ecommerce websites in a few clicks and without any programming knowledge. Joomla is the best!

  • GhostWarriorTheGeek 10 years ago

    5 stars! I have a website through Justhost & they use joomla for the forum. Joomla is more helpful than the overseas bastards I paid to host my website. GO JOOMLA! FTW!

  • zahnyx 10 years ago

    Excellent tutorial!!! I’ll forward this video to a friend who wants to learn Joomla. Thanks for the PDF guide. Definitely 5 big stars!!!

  • briozaver 10 years ago

    |rate 5| A really nice tut for begginers 😀
    good work

  • darttz 10 years ago

    very nice! look forward to more. can you do some about skinning joomla sites? i’ve found that that is the hardest part is making it look how you want it to.

  • ou812u40adude 10 years ago

    Clear and easy to understand. The PDF guide is a great addition. More please.

  • liquidplastic62 10 years ago

    Very professional thanks.
    More on Youtube please!