Screencast video tutorial of the setup and installation of Joomla! content management system using the WAMP stack method and the jumpbox method.




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  • thehoeslaper 10 years ago

    you relieve a headache for about 4 hours

  • surge42 10 years ago

    This looks like a local install verses a web server install.

  • grunge65432 10 years ago

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  • wayne0876 10 years ago

    Hey, thanks. This is the second time I’ve used this video to do an install. There are a few of these out there but this is by far the best. I think I actually have it now too. Thanks again.

  • esvcg 10 years ago

    Thank you – very helpful!

  • youcefwinner 10 years ago

    I use easy PHP… ^_^ thanks

  • dnrik 10 years ago


  • MateMedia1 10 years ago

    Nice video – check out our WordPress tutorials

  • hellroach 10 years ago

    Hello, ii found this video really useful. I was wondering a way to get a domain. so i can change the localhost thing and be able to finally have it on the web.

  • staticwebsites 10 years ago

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  • iPublicFigure 10 years ago

    can jumpbox upload and install joomla on a FTP server?

  • TopGearXtreme 10 years ago

    great man ,,……………the time u finish i too installed joomla on my box but i was struct at 3 step……;)

  • crotaphiticus 10 years ago

    thanks mate

  • Xiquinho87 10 years ago

    Congrats man! 😉

  • exyapp 10 years ago

    wat the hecx is that…????????? sweet!!!!!!!!!

  • makesfilmz 10 years ago

    Joomla is for the “non-techie” my ass. Set up/instalation alone reqires a textbook of information for regular users.

    Yea you don’t have to be a “code monkey” but just an IT administrator…. I can’t see what you are doing, typing in URL etc. Joomla seems advertised so that regular people can create awesome websites but who plays with CPanel, MYSQL, PHP Admin etc., who already isn’t a code monkey?

    Where is the “ease of use factor?…”

    How can designers benifit who are not IT whizes?

  • ajmaninitin2007 10 years ago


  • agrinshtein 10 years ago

    Thanks for the video.

    I got stuck when my web browser wouldn’t open to IP page.

    I got an IP number but than the browser failed to open the page.

    Any ideas? Anyone?

  • INDImind 10 years ago

    it sounds like u already have the basic knowledge to; a domain(cheap) a Linux hosting plan with PHP+MySql(cheap)
    3.install Joomla 1.5(free)
    4.install FireBoard Forum For Joomla(free)
    5.other stuff will be free or not that expensive. only -ve point is that you’d have to put in some effort and time. +ve point is that it’ll be much cheaper and you’ll be in control of the entire portal.
    I’m experimenting with Joomla 1.5 myself these days and find it very promising. good luck!!

  • argentoz1223221 10 years ago

    I need help. I am opening a humble small business and I need to set up a website that includes news, a calendar, a gallery, etc.

    The web designer told he’ll charge me about $1,500 for 15 page layout designs and $2,400 for a content management online software, plus $900 for a gallery and $600 for a news system. I know a bit about html and css coding and found out that a lot of CMSs are offered for free.

    Question: should I pay the webdesigner or can it be done with a free CMS and hosting?

  • marccram73 10 years ago

    does joomla work with ANY website?

  • computergeek3412 10 years ago

    They are exactly the same.

  • webcmsdotro 10 years ago

    looks like is only for Joomla 1.0, but installing 1.5 is easy too

  • daatmoe 10 years ago

    Is this for joomla 1.5 too?

  • CursedGangsta 10 years ago

    hey uh great vid by the way but i have a huge prob i did it the easy way and it showed the management page thing were you can add your stuff den like 2 min after that it loads for a long ass time den it says problem loading page plz help lol den i tried it the long way i managed to do everything sucessfuly UNTIL i got to the minute 6:19 about the phpmyadmin thing were you go to the ww folder and you have the phpmyadmin folder well i dont have dat do u have any tips or help plz messege soon