FULL VIDEO: www.tutvid.com This video was somehow automatically shortened by Youtube in Feb. of 2009. Instead of taking it down I decided to simply include a link to the full video on tutvid.com. Learn how to create Web button rollovers quickly and easily in Dreamweaver!

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  • manimastermind 10 years ago

    I followed all the steps mentioned in the video…the rollover works “but” when the page loads, Activex control blocks my rollover image and I have to click unblock all the time to see the rollover effect. How can I stop that form happening? anyone? please let me know

  • TheEpicIce 10 years ago

    Go To Insert than Form than Button :)!

  • naruto0726 10 years ago

    I have the same problem, I’ll save it and preview but it does not rollover to the “rollover” image…my teacher said it has something to do with it’s placement among my folders or the file type.

  • Gusb135 10 years ago

    i do all the stuff u do but it didn’t work it just stays with the original image

  • AcidFalco 10 years ago

    cant find the common button anywhere on cs4

  • welshdragon2008 10 years ago

    does anybody know how to make a ‘hit state’?

    so there is button, rollover button, then .. hit state.

    Anybody know ?

  • SnowBunny2022 10 years ago

    how can i get the rollover image to show in my browser after this all i see is an X and my alternate.???

  • PTKpaul86 10 years ago

    hey , nice work for the tutorials , reaally helpfull but one question , could you indicate wich one of your tutorials are for dreamweaver CS4 ? and wich are not ? cuz I’ve been watching some of them and I can’t really seem to find the options you use in your tutorial on my CS4 adobe dreamweaver .for example the flash button maker in “flash buttons how to”

  • TheGreenDuck3000 10 years ago

    how wud u make it roll over so the 2nd image is in a different place……say i got 2 tabs…. i click on one and a picture shows

  • childofthenazarene 10 years ago

    Between you and jimmyrcom you guys got some of the best tutorials on youtube. Keep ’em rollin’! Thanks! I’m getting better!

  • dhunragh 10 years ago

    cant v use this thing with sound i mean if our mouse goes on to the rollover button which v have made with css then it should sound like khatak or something like that man
    plz reply me asap coz i gooota work on my site

  • TannerMonroe 10 years ago

    what a dumb ass question… I hope you failed your test!

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  • yoto5951 10 years ago

    wow 2006

  • radio709 10 years ago

    You are the best…good voice dude!

  • DevenMin 10 years ago

    That’s why you watch in HQ

  • MaryMathews 10 years ago

    it’s well done except it’s a bit blurry so can’t follow it so well is my only complaint….

  • taviadennis 10 years ago


  • notalchemy 10 years ago

    On minute 2:07, you say “im gonna open this html file here, and you can see the menu bar is missing”. What file did you open (as opposed to index.html) and how did you make it not have the menu bar, why? etc… Thanks!

  • chwebwizard 10 years ago

    would be nice if we could hear it….

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  • altu892 10 years ago

    …how about down

  • thegenderbender109 10 years ago

    gd job m8, nice vid and very helpful 😀

  • MyStrangeCom 10 years ago

    Good job man!


  • djrobbie96 10 years ago

    Such an annoying voice