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  • tranxton 10 years ago

    How can I replace a bad VirtueMart add to cart picture with a other one that I have created myself? How can I reaplce buttons with my own?

  • alexwestconsulting 10 years ago

    if you want to to it ALL in the same platform, joomla isn’t terribly hard as long as you don’t get sidetracked by other extensions. you will need
    1) joomla
    2) community builder
    3) kunena forum

  • alexwestconsulting 10 years ago

    if you want is easy with community capability, it is much easier to get phpbb up and running then pretty much any other free option. it’s just much more difficult with phpbb to make a traditional looking website.

  • GraphicAbility 10 years ago

    What is the easiest CMS to start learning with? I am creating a community based website with a forum, but the forums may or may not be separate from the portal.

  • raztastic007 10 years ago

    Nice video. How can i replace the image header to flash header. cheers

  • geir44 10 years ago

    This was a good tutorial.

    Now I think I might try to place a picture of myself on my webpage.

  • shanna1950 10 years ago

    yeah, “… it’s greatest weakness”. Most of the Joomla fans (addicts…) forget that. The coding is bloated, and very illogical. Makes it hard to find where things clash (!). I’m trying to get into Joomla template making myself, to avoid these clashes… Thanks for the youtube tuts. Appreciated.

  • alexwestconsulting 10 years ago

    Joomla’s (like the other cms’s) greatest strength, its modularity, is also its greatest weakness. Understanding the way that positions work (no, i don’t have a tut yet) is extremely important when tracking code down, but the code could be almost anywhere. Often times there IS some kind of hard coded links in the template itself, but generally things are pretty dynamic. One way to track down code is to always have a local unzipped copy of everything you use, and search that,

  • shanna1950 10 years ago

    nice tut. I’m just a hobbyist BUILDING sites, but used to work with xhtml+css. Now I try getting a grip on Joomla, and oh boy… sorry oh man!
    A question I’d like to ask is following. Sometimes there is a clickable text in the header, in stead of the logo. #logo > a – Moreover it’s in a TABLE-cell (god forbid, but hey… Joomla is often table-based, which isn’t so great. It’s a mystery to me how it is positioned. Do you have a tut on that?

  • phille58 10 years ago

    fucking nice alex you are the best joomla man ever!

  • rokgoo 10 years ago

    Thanks Alex, a bit too fast but well done.

  • cluelesschick24 10 years ago

    Not helpful at all. I don’t have or know what programs you are using and you are clicking way to fast.

  • gugas01 10 years ago

    What is the program you are using ? Does that program makes things you can’t do at the Joomla back up site?

  • BradWino 10 years ago

    I notice that the line where the top menu belongs, does not adjust itself down when a larger logo is entered.

    How do you adjust that line, it looks really bad where it is?

  • aRcaneTheProducerr 10 years ago

    dis dont help me none how the hell do u do dis?

  • TheSkyMyLove 10 years ago

    thx. so much !!

  • gestellgeviert 10 years ago

    Thanks a lot, great tutorial!

  • apolloadamalee 10 years ago

    Hey Alex this is the best tutorial video for Joomla i found on youtube thx

  • demvids 10 years ago

    could you change the logo if your working in localhost?

  • floatsup 10 years ago

    Thank You very Much Alex. Just learning this program, and this tutorial was extremely well laid out, Thanx

  • Nessim1980 10 years ago

    Thanks a lot dude.
    Very nice tutorial.

  • TallerTiger 10 years ago

    Hey man wats up,Im watching ur vid on the joomla logo(transfering new image),but you go a little to quick for a web newb like myself and and could keep up with what u were clicking,what it said, and where you were at the moment.Anyways if u could by contacting me and maybe run a newer vid for me,if u could it would help alot! Thx man

  • AshTheBassist 10 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant tutorial, was going to turn to a template maker but now that I’ve seen this I will definitely use this method. Thankyou very much Alex. 5*

  • klainmaingr 10 years ago

    Thanks mate… You helped a lot :)

  • gerryboy101 10 years ago

    thx alex, you do things the easy way