Check this video out at Hi-Res here: Learn how to use Flash text so you don’t have to worry about users having the font you use installed on their computer! Flash Text in Dreamweaver! Remember to check out for more videos and downloads!

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  • kingjay85 10 years ago

    I really like your tutorial as I am new to Dreamweaver and Flash, so thank you! I have Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 and Flash cs4, however – when I click on the “flash elements” tab, the only thing that appears is “flash immage viewer”. Do you have any idea how I could get that quick button “flash text”?

  • lovingsnow92 10 years ago

    @meyoquito ya! i think so too!

  • meyoquito 10 years ago

    you talk too much !!

  • grunge65432 10 years ago

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  • jmez07 10 years ago

    Amazing vid man, but what does the parameters do? is it some sort of rule to get it to play on its own like animated or something.

  • liontone 10 years ago

    They have $20 Dreamweaver books at Borders…

    That is probably your entire education.

  • omgzz5L 10 years ago


  • darkstatius 10 years ago

    how can i access common tools?

  • uselessmayhem 10 years ago

    lol, der

  • 54321tomo 10 years ago

    this is the worst video ever wached

  • RiddleboxBoii 10 years ago

    I hate these tuts because i spent 25,000 for school and another 5,000 for my computer and i make 50,000 a year and these videos just make it so unfair because i spent money learning this stuff.

  • vchandran123456789 10 years ago


  • chenchee 10 years ago

    ops sry man i wanted to put a thumbs up for u but i accidentally click thumbs down im so so sry. do anyof you know how to reverse that?

  • queenames 10 years ago

    How do you do this in Dreamweaver cs4

  • Lyricalsoul55 10 years ago


  • markgameforeverythin 10 years ago

    mate this is a god send to people like me who can make pastry in seconds but find things like this very alien, cheers big man

  • singhsaurabh13 10 years ago

    I can say that all your tutorials on DW are excellent and I wan to thankyou for posting such good videos here which are helping people in learning complex concepts.

  • HakerzTM 10 years ago

    Shut Your mouth Pussy!

  • kiwibiwi 10 years ago

    dude – not everyone works at the same speed – dont criticise people offering free tutorials if you dont like their style – move on and find something more suitable to you or read a book !

  • HakerzTM 10 years ago

    you take too much time talking for such a simpple task

  • Ghettomaster80 10 years ago

    lol i dont see the flash button

  • japcarmaniac 10 years ago

    charlie sheen? lol

  • metalkpretty01 10 years ago

    i took a 6 week intro course to web design and it was nowhere near as detailed as your tutorials- in a 20min lesson. thank you so much! keep ’em coming =)

  • hypez181 10 years ago

    you can edit it a lot more easily and you dont always have to create a new image for a small bit of text

  • sebiets 10 years ago

    Hi there, This is a super tutorial, I am just starting on the flash/ Dreamweaver journey, and this was a great easily, understood tut. Thanks a million, keep up the great work. Best wishes for 2009