— I showcase the power of Joomla to overhaul the look of your website with a few clicks. Joomla is an open source Content Management System which allows you manage your own content…easily!

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  • adriarichards 10 years ago

    I suggest the best place to start is at the Joomla website. Any book you purchase on website development, CMS’s or even social media will be outdated by the time of publishing.

    There is a TON of great info on the Joomla website. I would also encourage you to attend a local meetup with other people who like Joomla.

    Best way to brush up.

    I offer training as well but no Joomla until April 2010 :(

  • fatsotomuscles 10 years ago

    I’ve been out of the web technology for a few, well, several years now, do you think the Joomla for Dummies book is a good place to start?

  • four11xitk 10 years ago

    a picture says a thousand words

  • mooersrealty 10 years ago

    Neat to make your own look..not have a cookie cutter like most out there. Helpful, workable, not cluttered is way way better than pretty and puffy and stuffy.

  • LankeyTom93 10 years ago

    Do you know any templates that suite a theme of a wifi hotspot business.
    I would prefer a free one if possible ?

    Ive been looking but fail to find and nice simple clean ones.
    Any suggestions ?


  • LankeyTom93 10 years ago

    Thanks for that, your video helped get me started I’m still struggling with joomla but I’ve only been at it for about 3 hours. :)

    May I ask why you don’t use the themes from that website anymore ?

  • adriarichards 10 years ago

    Yes, building a site from scratch takes skills. A CMS like Joomla or WordPress, combined with a great theme/template can have you up and running quickly.

  • adriarichards 10 years ago

    I started off hand coding in Notepad in 1999 so I hear you.

    Yes, content management systems (CMS) like Joomla are easy to use and much faster to update than hand coding.

    I am actually recommending that people try WordPress instead of Joomla for a new website.

    Both have showcases on their sites, check them out to find out what’s best for your needs.

  • adriarichards 10 years ago


  • adriarichards 10 years ago

    This is software you download but install into your website hosting account. You need a domain name, hosting space, a few web tools like FTP client and text editor and then you’re ready to go.

    There are installation instructions on Joomla’s site. Sorry, I can’t insert links here.

  • adriarichards 10 years ago

    Do you mean the one with the white background and woman in the parka?

    Where I show how the text size can be changed? That’s from JoomlaArt (I don’t recommend them anymore) and it’s called Antares

  • LankeyTom93 10 years ago

    Whats the theme called at 1:40. ?
    I really like it.

  • pupsikization 10 years ago

    Reveals the power of my favourite CMS!

  • mproductionsmusik 10 years ago

    do i need to download this software or its online?? i dont see where to build a web site on joomla web page! thanks

  • ssmayer 10 years ago

    Nicely done, thank you! I love Joomla.

  • samirdhond 10 years ago

    u need a TON web designing knowledge if u wanna build a website that looks so nice from scratch

  • yellowberrypie 10 years ago

    I’ve been only taught to start from scratch (hand-code). Is this as easy and simple as it sounds?

    Also can I easily DESIGN my own page instead of use a template?

  • adriarichards 10 years ago

    Many people don’t understand what Content Managment Systems are even if they are are experienced website designers.

    This video helps people understand how Joomla can save them time and look beautiful.

    If you want customization training, I’ll be offering that this fall on my website.

  • kny4eva 10 years ago

    The titles a lil misleading i thought you were gonna teach how to tweak a joomla site not showcase, until i read your description.

    Oh well 7mins lost.

  • adriarichards 10 years ago

    You would copy all the files out of the root web folder on your computer up to your site through FTP (Filezilla). You would then export the MySQL database and import that through Cpanel or phpMyAdmin.

    I will be holding a workshop on doing this so check the video for the link. Otherwise, send me a message through YouTube and I’ll find a video link online explaining how to get this done.

  • GerritBoom 10 years ago

    I made a site with joomla on my localhost, I want to get the site in the air but can you tell me what files I should upload in a free host? or isn’t this possible?


  • adriarichards 10 years ago

    Sure, to some extent you can. The code that drives Joomla as well as the web platform are still open source.

    It’s unfortunate but some website design companies and marketing folks attempt to pass off Joomla as something they built. They may strip out components in an attempt to rebrand it.

    I’m completely honest with my clients about the website platforms I use and explain the benefits of open source; especially that Joomla can be supported by more than one person.

  • DEMARCUS191 10 years ago

    if you make a website using joomla can you claim all rights to it…likw designed by (my name)

  • adriarichards 10 years ago

    Hello everyone! I am in the process of setting up a website to help people with Joomla which will offer live training.

    If you’re interested, get signed up early. I will be offering demo classes as well on essential Joomla tools.

    The address is in the beginning of the video

  • GenerationXIX 10 years ago

    laughs out loudly