Check this video out at Hi-Res here: In the following video we will learn all about creating layers or as they are called in CS3 AP Divs. Learn about applying properties to custom CSS rules and using stacked Divs to create interesting effects with images. This is a good beginner’s guide to Divs and CSS in general. Please enjoy responsibly and check out the site

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  • cafelatine 10 years ago

    divs are boxes there are used to build your website, not everyone can be happy when it comes to same resolution or positioning so work with web sizes, you have to work with smallest amount of resolution because the page will take to long to load

  • raininginhell 10 years ago

    you can also use % for width // height. There are many many options available for size and positioning. You can find details at w3schools under the CSS section.

  • CommonSense1st 10 years ago

    awesome video! Thanks!

  • guitarplayer3234 10 years ago

    can you help me?? when a changed to % when i save te page a press f 12 to see a preview i cant see the layer, if i change it to px i can see it but if i change it to % i cant

  • fataldesain 10 years ago

    who uses ap divs and why. Not everbody has the same resolution so it will not show the same place unless you make your webpage align left which is not good.

  • davidlesteraldridge 10 years ago

    Please Please Please, do a WordPress customization TutVid Yours are the best on the web!

  • bvg140567 10 years ago

    how can you solve that the ap divtags move depending on browser

  • felipeYcorreia 10 years ago

    Brazil ae na area so marcando preseça!!!!!!!!!!

  • ispyispyispy 10 years ago

    Hay I made a great div overlay but the image is blurry and looks bad do you or anyone know how to make the quality better?

    by the way the quality is perfect in photoshop and i saved as 12 maximum quality so im baffled why it shows up blurry??? also the backgroun image quality and link images all show up fine too, its just the main overlay!



  • stewart1973 10 years ago

    How can you make a DIV link to something?

  • stewart1973 10 years ago

    Your amazing! Thanks! I’m a new website designer and used tables….HEADACHE! Now it takes no time to build stuff that took hours. You are a great teacher.

  • smallbro978 10 years ago

    Okay I’m lost when he resizes it at the begining it doesnt move but when I make mine and resoze it moves help please!

  • danpat 10 years ago


  • crudden 10 years ago

    Yes there is, here he is using absolute positioning, which means it is using pixels as a measurement. However if you select ‘%’ instead of pixels when positioning your divs, then they will work across various resolutions.

  • crudden 10 years ago

    Or else I could just type ‘Ned’ which is this birds name haha! great tutorial!

  • MissAnnahhx 10 years ago

    Awesome tut! ty! ♥

  • Militia7 10 years ago

    Is there a way to have something like these that can move relative to the width of the browser window, like suppose I want them to always be centered? so as the window opens they move to keep the equidistant? Please anybody… Daniel?

  • double16dotcom 10 years ago

    Excellent tutorial – thanks very much – keep up the good work!

  • staticwebsites 10 years ago

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    best design websites gallery, resources and tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, html, CSS, etc..

  • S2kFederation 10 years ago

    Thanks a LOTTTTTT!!!!!! MAN!
    You saved me.!!!!

  • JoJoJingoist 10 years ago

    Many, many thanks. This one vid just cut down hours of plodding through the CS4 bible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • 00cunningstunt00 10 years ago

    Another excellent tutvid tutorial. well do Nathaniel keep up the great work

  • walktorunrecords 10 years ago

    Wonderful Tutorial! Thanks a lot.

  • pogi1100 10 years ago

    Great tutorial! Actually all of your tutorials are great!

    @jermaine you cant use this to design myspace. its only for domains and subdomains (fully customizable sites by use of html and/or css).

  • rainerbrunotte 10 years ago

    great video! i really like how you explain! very clear and easy to understand and follow!