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  • technointellects 10 years ago

    Its one of the good videos for Joomla beginners. Keep up the good work.

  • michiganmedia 10 years ago

    CloudAccess does this for you so you dont have to worry about that stuff.

  • michiganmedia 10 years ago

    Joomla built on the cloud. First company to do this for the public. Good job!

  • salyris 10 years ago

    Thanks for the basic demo, we also love Joomla! and use it for all of our clients. With all of the extensions and support, why would you want to use any other CMS?

  • ISLAVEFORHARUHI 10 years ago

    nice vid! thanks 😀

  • moxmox1 10 years ago

    Um. The Alias displays as part of the link when using SEO … so use a name there that is customer friendly.

  • jackies35 10 years ago

    I tried that but it got so confusing… I have a mac and i had to download mamp. i then had to build a database? what’s that?

    could anyone help me? thanks

  • FullFrontalCrudity 10 years ago

    well it does tell you that in the system/server requirements, if you care to look at them :)

    a good tip, when planning a site, is to make sure you know that the host can accommodate the CMS and the databases that it requires, as well as the same for any other tools you will be using, such as a photo gallery, etc.

    you should just speak to your host’s support directly and ask these questions.

  • florian3706 10 years ago

    on the joomla website there’s a tab called documentation. There you’ll find all the Joomla related info you’re most likely to need.

  • tamsindahouse 10 years ago

    I’ve just read in the Joomla for Dummies that it will only upload to a Linux server, not Windows. I’ve looked on my aborted Godaddy hosting account by scamming web designer for which server I have, and can’t see it.
    I wish Joomla would’ve given that little piece of info right off the bat. Anyone?

  • jorgete7 10 years ago

    how to i register in joomla???? please guys answer my question pleaseeeeee

  • godalan 10 years ago

    Joomla is easy, simple and free

    Creating a template take just a few hours so it is the best sistem for everyone who wants to make a good website in a shot amount of time without burning to mucht resources!

    Anyone with a human brain can use it :)

  • afterTelevision 10 years ago

    joomla 1.5 is free, download it, if you havent website the download Xamp and use on computer as localhost, once installed there’s tutorials in the data thats downloaded with it.
    Theres a good video on joomla website about how to install Xamp, (with the mysql and Apache etc stuff) just follow each step clearly and precisely :) Goodluck

  • m00n1 10 years ago

    Yes, if your time is.

  • eternaltrooper 10 years ago


  • 63xlx 10 years ago

    How to study joomla? Who can give me a URL

  • jdemaa 10 years ago

    Well done!!
    Keep them coming!

  • maximum988 10 years ago

    Yes it is free. Better yet it’s open source.

  • leobiored 10 years ago

    Is it free?

  • glendc 10 years ago


  • Dojan5 10 years ago

    CMS is really cool as it is so easy to expand the site.
    I use Zikula for my webpage, and the K-Rune (my partnerproject between me (K-Designs) and Runecats), though, for one of the K-Rune services, 42, we use Joomla!.

  • quietsouljahsaj 10 years ago

    Thanks for the short demonstration

    I’m completely new to Joomla and trying to piece the puzzle together for myself to understand how all works.

    Your video helped.

    Thank you.

  • zigizinga 10 years ago

    Awesome demonstration.Thanks so much