Beginner tutorial for running a Joomla! website hosted at Learn how to add sections, categories, and items. How to use the menus and login





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  • owicobre 10 years ago

    thanks for this video! *****

  • pavan168 10 years ago

    Dude if you have the RSFOrm PRO mapping submittions pluing please give me?

  • palen12 10 years ago

    Sure I can, I will message you

  • zone197 10 years ago

    i is havein a problem with my site i wanna have a chat box but it wont go up (blastchat) it wont show up on the site could u help?

  • longbendy81 10 years ago

    Artisteer (the expensive version) exports excellent looking web templates to Joomla (and wordpress, and others) It’s not got the flexibility of a true HTML / CSS expert coded site, but you can get something together for Joomla in about 5 minutes. If you can design some basic craphics for a head banner and maybe a couple of other things you could have a customer website, unique and just how you like it in say 30 minutes

  • ssmayer 10 years ago

    Well done! Very helpful review!

  • benbrady2 10 years ago

    Joomla! sucks. Drupal, concrete5, wordpress are much better.

  • miklaskislo123 10 years ago

    i have a user on joomla but i can`t find where i can log in

  • jettwonder 10 years ago

    Very interesting. I want to earn money designing websites. This should help.

  • sendingflowers 10 years ago

    thanks for the tutorial. very simple and it helped understand categories and sections better.

  • xxiamg0dlyxx 10 years ago

    Where is the website to register a joomla account to get started from the very beginning? Please help me out 😮 I can’t find it anywhere

  • palen12 10 years ago

    For Joomla under site configuration, you can set global meta tags and description.

    On per article basis there is the ‘meta info’ tap on the right, which lets you add an additional description and keywords to specific items.

  • palen12 10 years ago

    You can highlight, there is a dropdown box in the editor that will be marked ‘heading 1′ which is and H1 tag. That said there is also an ‘edit html’ button, which lets you edit easily by hand, and see the changes. The best of both worlds.

  • stavrosdemetriou 10 years ago

    what about meta description? do you need to write them in HTML format or can you just ype it into a box that automatically turns it into a meta description?

  • stavrosdemetriou 10 years ago

    With Joomla do you have to write HTML code or can you highlight sentences and turn them into H1 with the click of a mouse?

  • palen12 10 years ago

    No RHEL, but joomla doesn’t care, just apache, php and mysql

  • jorgete7 10 years ago

    Ok this information is really really useful but how do i register to joomla? please give me the link…
    pleaseee! Thanks

  • BlackJackEnt 10 years ago

    is this ubuntu

  • ishouldhaveknowu 10 years ago

    Thanks for a good lesson. This will change the way I make my website. Joomla’s cool!

  • tehmushroom 10 years ago

    Subscribed! Very helpful, thank you sir!

  • palen12 10 years ago

    Send me messages or reply with what items you would like to see covered. I will do what I can.

  • palen12 10 years ago

    On the way! Please subscribe!

  • palen12 10 years ago

    Sure! Joomla is PHP/MySQL powered. At MLDS we run it on regular Apache on Linux. We also run Apache in a virtual machine to give isolation and quick VM migration.

    I found joomla for the exact same reason. I was awful at html but I had a need. By becoming a member of the Joomla! community my time creating websites was cut dramatically and looks 1000% better. I love it.

  • ahset 10 years ago

    This is pretty wild stuff. I used to make websites back in the day and I had to edit html codes of each page one by one. Then there was shtml which was much easier to manage, then I worked a bit with PERL/CGI to manage my site as it got larger. What is Joomla powered by. I remember when I got out of the computer/web design/web master thing, PHP/MySql database was beginning to get pretty big. I’m a designer at heart and I would love to get back into it. Can you tell me the backend of Joomla?

  • fernandez1942 10 years ago

    Could you add more videos about Joomla tutorials?? This vid was the most helpful of all the ones I saw. More tutorials would be very appreciated.